Press Summary: A child wounded by Houthi rocket in Marib IDPs camp

Press Summary:  A child wounded by Houthi rocket in Marib IDPs camp


  1. One child (pictured) was injured in a Houthi rocket attack on Almeel IDPs camp north of Marib city this Sunday morning. Yesterday one child was killed and five others wounded in a rocket attack too./Crater Sky and multiple other websites.
  2. Coronavirus strikes hard in Taiz/Multiple websites.
  3. A child has died and 35 shanty houses and tents were burned down in a fire that erupted in Aljufeina IDPs Camp in Marib/Nabdh Al-Share'a website.
  4. Four thousand IDPs have been re-displaced due to Houthi shelling on Marib IDPs camps./Nabdh Al-Share'a website.
  5. The Yemeni Watchdog over Landmines, an independent NGO, has documented 51 civilian casualties from Houthi landmines over the first quarter of 2021/Alharf 28.
  6. Saudi mine action program MASAM removed 10 thousand Houthi mines last March/Almeena News.
  7. Twenty six rights organizations condemn the Houthi militia's death sentence against nine young supports of the 2011 [Arab Spring] revolution./Voice of Freedom.
  8. The Houthi militia suffer heavy losses in failed attacks on government forces west of Marib./Alhekma Net website.
  9. 'Sana'a is a big jail,' a new human rights report issued by the Capital [Sana'a] Media Center says./The Arab Network for News.
  10. Due to the failures in Marib offensive, the chief of Houthi militia's 'Intelligence Authority' Abu Ali Al-Hakem gets strongly reprimanded by the Iranian ruler in Sana'a Hassan Eyrlo./Seerah Post.
  11. Fattening Khamenei and securing Houthis: In whose interest is that [Biden administration's policy]? Asks Saudi writer Fahd Al-Hamed/Almashehad Alyemeni.
  12. Yemen affirms its full support to all measures taken to preserve Jordan's security/Al-Ittihad Net.
  13. STC arms shipment in the way to Houthis intercepted by Taiz army/Multiple websites.
  14. The international collusion has encouraged Houthis to commit more crimes against Yemenis./26 September Net.
  15. Thousands of African migrants arrive in Yemen despite the Houthi militia's burning of hundreds in Sana'a/Bawabati
  16. Houthis arrest 400 African refugees including 50 women./Almanarah Net.
  17. Arab Coalition thwarts a Houthi attack by an explosive-laden boat in the Red Sea./Multiple websites
  18. A child died and
  19. GPC party politician Nabil Mi'ayad dies immediately after being released from Houthi jail due to torture during the detention/Yemen Voice
  20. Houthis disperse a protest by African immigrants in Sana'a by force in a bid to deport them home/Multiple websites
  21. The Houthi militia fire heavy shells on Altohata city in Hodeidah/Mandab Press
  22. Three female workers in ACTED organization were wounded in armed attack in Dhale'a/Aden Alghad
  23. Taiz political stakeholders disdain the UN's silence over the Houthi siege of their city for five years/Aden Alghad

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