Houthi rocket kills, injures five IDPs in Marib

Houthi rocket kills, injures five IDPs in Marib

A Houthi missile killed and injured five IDPs mostly children in Yemen’s eastern Marib on Saturday, local sources said.

A source said that “one man was killed and four children were seriously injured by what a Katyusha rocket the Houthis fired on Arrowdha neighborhood” in north Marib. He said the casualties are “all internal displacees.”

The Houthi militia has been waging non-stopping military attempts to overtake Marib since the beginning of 2020. The latest offensive started in February as the Shia terrorist militia realized that the US decided to remove it from the terror list, and has not stopped until now. Vengeful of military frustrations and failures to advance, the internationally pampered militia continuously fires ballistic missiles and other rockets and shells into the city killing and injuring civilians and forcing IDPs to keep moving from place to place.

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