Press Summary: Houthi landmine kills young girl in Taiz

Press Summary: Houthi landmine kills young girl in Taiz


*Traditional Press:

  1. A 15 year old girl by the name Basheera Ahmed Aqlan has been killed by a Houthi-laid landmine she stepped on while shepherding goats in Al-Waziya district of Taiz. / Almoshahed news website
  2. The Yemeni government accuses the Houthi militia of aborting peace efforts in their infancy./Aden Alghad website
  3. The army has controlled the range of Almatahen strategic mountaints from Houthi militants in Taiz governorate/Almotamar Press
  4. A new plan has been put to liberate four provinces from the Houthi militia/News Line


- The army wrests its control over the entire supply line to the Houthi militia in Taiz./Anbaa Aden


  1. Houthi maximalism has led the US and UN envoys’ peace brokerage efforts to deadlock./ Bawabati.
  2. Yemen’s government: The Houthi military escalation is going to deal a fatal blow to international peace brokerage efforts./Bawabati
  3. Houthi militants kidnap 5 healthcare workers from the main hospital of Al-Thawra in Sana’a today (Wednesday)/Bawabati
  4. A Houthi gunman kills a child in Sana’a in dispute over YR 200 [less than 25 US cents]./Almanarah Net.
  5. The Yemeni government has submitted to the UN Security Council a report that proves the link of Houthis to Al-Qaeda and ISIS./Awam Online.


*Social Media:

  1. After the UN has confirmed that Houthis are behind the Dec. 30 attack on Aden airport, I think the relatives of the slain aid workers and all the victims should sue the UN. Because the UN is the one who defends Houthis all the time, throws them lifelines and has abstained from holding them accountable for all the crimes since 2015. The UN is the one lobbied for lifting terrorist militia from the US terror list, remember!. /A facebook post by Nadhem Saeed.
  2. The Houthi [militia leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi] believes that he can get rewards for all the destruction he has incurred in Yemen including … by seeking a permit [from the Arab Coalition] to operate flights to destinations that can be used militarily. He does not want the airport opened to alleviate any humanitarian suffering./tweet by Yemen presidential advisor Abdulmalik Almekhlafi.
  3. - The cities under Houthi aggression have horrific pictures to show us: from the children of Taiz slain by Houthi snipers to the children standing with pale faces after they were scared out of their IDPs camps by Houthi shelling in Marib. Many stories with the real humanitarian element. Many getty images. Yet, the western media are stuck to reporting the Yemeni war from the Shia thugs’ perspective to preferring the Houthi militia’s rousing rallies in Sana’a over the tragedies Houthis create elsewhere. This is an example of the ugly work of the western press. !/A facebook post by Waleed Sayf.

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