Yemenis lash out on gov’t for considering only Houthi priorities in talks with envoys

Yemenis lash out on gov’t for considering only Houthi priorities in talks with envoys

Large numbers of Yemenis have lashed out at President Abd R. Mansour Hadi’s government for considering only the Houthi militia’s priorities in its talks with the UN and US envoys to the country.


Mohammed Sarhan a popular Yemeni social activist said in a facebook post, “The Riyadh-based Hadi’s government is now negotiating with the UN and US envoys over opening the Sana’a Airport and Hodeidah Seaport which are under the control of the Houthi militia.” What about the Houthi shelling of IDPs?,” he inquired.

“What about the Houthi six year siege on the [government loyalist] Taiz city,” another facebooker, Waleed Hatem, inquired. “The Hadi government is only giving [concessions] not taking. It is following the dictations of the international envoys without ifs or buts.”

“OK what about shelling the IDPs and the siege of Taiz? Aren’t these happening in your areas of control [Marib and Taiz]. Why don’t you include these issues in your talks?,” inquired Sameer Al-Nemri, a senior social media  activist.

“It seems the idiot Hadi’s government believe that negotiations are give only. Not give and take. Just as they are told,” Naseem Al-Ahmedi tweeted. “More dangerously,” he said “lifting the blockade on Sana’a Airport means more weapon imports by the Houthis to tip the balance of the war. Neither the Houthi theocratic terrorists have humanitarian concerns about the people they govern, nor are the Houthi-held territories or any other territories in Yemen are closed for humanitarian and commercial shipments to be honest.”


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