Press Summary: Growing Yemeni demands for opening Mokha Seaport

Press Summary: Growing Yemeni demands for opening Mokha Seaport

  1. Growing Yemeni demands for opening Mokha and handing the seaports’ control over to the local government of Taiz/Yemen News Agency (YNA) website.
  2. Yemeni MP Bin Zawbaa: The international envoys’ ignorance of Houthi crimes is a negative signal/Aden Alghad website.

  3. Houthis are meant to keep waging war forever./Almeena News
  4. The Houthi militia turn what was the biggest university in Sana’a (Universityof Sciences and Technology to an exhibit for arms and drones/Alsahwa Net
  5. Sana’a is seeing an undeclared state of emergency now with painstaking searche of people and arbitrary arrests./Akhbar Al-Arab
  6. The army has repelled a massive Houthi attack in Alkassarah front outside Marib./Multiple websites.
  7. Houthis shell many villages behind the frontlines in Taiz forcing scores of families to displace.
  8. Houthis fired a ballistic missile on Marib city Sunday nightpanicking residents as the explosion was heavy./Multiple websites
  9. 39 detainees go on hunger strike in the UAE-controlled Beer Ahmed jail in Aden./Almahriya TV channel.
  10. Six years of Houthi war has created a catastrophic humanitarian situation/Yemen TV channel
  11. So many Houthi missile and drone attacks on Marib’s army, people and IDPs camps. Have you seen similar attacks on the camps of Tareq Saleh’s Republican Guards or on their newly founded ‘Political Council’ ?!/Akhbar Taiz.
  12. A senior Yemeni doctor says Houthis are using hospitals for treating coronavirus patients from their Hashemite supremacist dynasty only./Alharf 28
  13. Socotra governor: The STC has legal capacity and it deals with the island as a booty [it should guard] for foreign actors. /Almahriya TV

  14. A report says Houthis committed 14 thousand human rights violations against civilians in Marib in six years’ time./Almeena News
  15. Houthis recruit dozens of new child fighters to make up for their losses in Marib fronts./Alsahwa Net.

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