Press summary: Houthis open 4th cemetery in a month in Ibb to bury fallen militants

Press summary: Houthis open 4th cemetery in a month in Ibb to bury fallen militants


  1. The Houthi militia have opened the 4th cementry in a month in Ibb province to bury the increasing number of fallen militants in Marib front [[against the government]./ Multiple Facebook posts

  2. The Arab Coalition declares that it has destroyed two Houthi bomb-laden boats before their use in a terror operation/Marib Press website.

  3. While Iran arms Houthis, the Arab Coalition still denies Yemen’s army access to arms even six years into the war. What is that the Coalition wants?/Akhbar Alyemen website.
  5. The Houthi militia’s ‘Deputy Mayor’ of Sana’a Mohammed Ashami was killed and the deputy chief of the militia’s ‘Security and Intelligence Organization’ was injured as part of the violent rivalry between the Sana’a faction and Saada faction of the Hashemite Houthi leaders./Anbaa Aden.
  7. Infighting amongst Houthis is claiming lives of the Houthi militia’s leaders./Bawabati
  9. Houthis have intensified their attack against Marib with all power they have: Mosa Alqallab /Yafe’a News.
  10. Houthi militants shot two large trucks laden with oil in Hodeidah causing them to burn after the drivers refused to pay illegal taxes to the militants./Multiple websites.
  11. The leader of the Houthi militia’s ‘Political Council’ Almashathat has called for more recruitment of militants to the warfronts./Yemeni Sport.
  13. A human rights organization confirms that the Arab Coalition is occupying Al-Rayyan and Alghaydha airports and bans the operation of commercial flights in there/Almahrah Alghad.

  14. The leadership of the [UAE-backed] Southern Transitional Council accuses the Islah party of “suspicious moves” to trigger chaos in Aden./Bawabati.
  15. The army kills and injures 33 Houthi militants in Taiz/Yemen News Agency (YNA).
  16. The army achieves major advances in Taiz/multiple websites
  17. President Hadi tells the UN Special Envoy Griffiths that the continuing Houthi military escalation signals that the militia’s lack of will to opt for peace settlement./Anaween Post.


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