Police nab Houthi terrorist cell in Yemen’s Marib

Police nab Houthi terrorist cell in Yemen’s Marib

Police forces on Friday caught a Houthi terrorist cell in Yemen’s eastern Marib, a government stronghold and a key territory of refuge for Yemeni escapees from the Shia theocratic militia.

The commander of the Special Forces Brig. Saleem Alsayyaghi told the state-run news agency that, “Security forces managed to arrest members of the criminal Houthi cell after an tipoff from the competent authorities.”

“Quality weapons … maps, walkie-talkies and IEDs were seized in the cells’ possession too.

The army and popular resistance are repelling non-stopping Houthi incursion attempts for years. The Houthi attacks have become more determined as of the beginning of 2020 and have not stopped, day or night, since the Biden administration indicated its intent to remove the Iranian militia from the US terror list on February 5.

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