Press Summary: The Houthi militia scorch the IDPs camps in Hajjah

Press Summary: The Houthi militia scorch the IDPs camps in Hajjah



  1. The Houthi militia scorch the IDPs camps, in Hajjah province, with drones and cannon shells./Mareb Press website.
  2. Houthi shelling targets IDPs camps in Hajjah/Al-Rashad Press website.
  3. Yemen Information Minister: Houthi crying over humanitarian situation is meant to deceive the international community./ News Line
  5. Yemeni Riyal collapses again./Multiple websites
  7. The army regains new sites in Marib./Newsline
  9. Army reinforcements arrive from Abyan to Marib to support the army against Houthi militants./Sawt Alyemen.
  10. Why did the government allow fuel vessels to dock in Hodeidah despite Houthi looting of YR 50 billion oil revenues the previous time?/Yemen Sport.
  11. Believe it or not: A family in Aden collects its food from garbage bins. /Crater Sky.
  12. After facing a bitter [military] defeat in Marib, Houthis are exhuming graves of opponents in their areas of control./Sawt Alyemen.
  13. The army liberates new sites and kills 14 Houthi militants south of Taiz./Aden Alghad.
  14. Yemen’s army repelled a fierce attack by the Houthis in the eastern province of Marib on Thursday. /Multiple websites


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