Don’t blame the spoiled kids, blame their mother!

Don’t blame the spoiled kids, blame their mother!


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

The international community is not willing to do anything to force the Houthis to return to the track of peace no matter what crimes they commit, no matter how many peace calls they reject, no matter how long the Yemeni war lasts!

Since the eve of this year, the Shia terrorists have killed and injured thousands of people including civilians, hundreds of them actually: Yemenis and foreigners; permanent residents and IDPs; aid workers, passengers and refugees.

Since they learnt on February 5 that they would be removed from the US terror list, the Houthis launched a fierce war that has not stopped to this moment: The war on Marib. The offensive has been raging 24/7 ever since.

A couple of days ago, Saudi Arabia declared a ceasefire proposal, and he Houthis and the Iranian “ambassador” rejected it right away. They are going to waste another opportunity for ending Yemen’s plight – the plight they are responsible for - and get away with it.

Instead of holding the Houthis responsible for sustaining the Marib war and sabotaging the opportunity, the UN is surely going to overlook the matter for a while and come back later with a new ceasefire proposal or a call to BOTH SIDES (government and Houthis) to shoulder their responsibility towards the civilians. 

It appears that the UN is determined not to assign the blame on the maximalist warring party perpetuating the Yemeni war since that party happens to be the Houthis! Six years of unexplained consistent lenience and bias with Houthis have told us that.

This is what proves that Houthis are the world’s most pampered terrorist organization. Because they have a mother that will never stand in their way. No matter what they do.  That mother is the UN! That mother is the broader international community! This is my old belief that has withstood the test of time. 

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