Press Summary: Houthis refuse Saudi initiative, continue Marib attack

Press Summary: Houthis refuse Saudi initiative, continue Marib attack


  1. The Houthi militia have refused the Saudi ceasefire initiative and continued attacking Marib today./Almashehad Alkhaleeji news website
  3. The Houthi militia tried to march on Marib early today (Tues) but the army secured a precious gain: It killed 30 of the attackers and destroyed their vehicles./Newsline website
  5. The Saudi Deputy Defense Minister: The [Saudi ceasefire] initiative is an opportunity for Houthis to choose Yemen’s interest over Iran’s ambitions. And we will continue to support the Yemeni government and governmantal forces./Alhekma Net website.

  6. Fierce clashes are going on between the army and Houthis in the eastern entrance of Al-Hazm[the capital of northern Yemen province of Aljawf]/Multiple websites
  8. Yemen’s Foreign Minister said the Houthi militants “deliberately prolong the war” vowing not to allow Iran “to continue to tamper with Yemen.”/Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  10. Yemen’s Prime Minister said his government supports the Saudi ceasefire and “will not be an obstacle to any concrete efforts toward peace.” He said the Saudi initiative “will position the Houthi militia in a faceoff with the Yemeni people and international community since it will reveal who refuses all peace

offers and insists on the war.” /Multiple websites.

  2. The Houthi militia’s spokesman said the Saudi initiative “contains nothing new” demanding a total removal of what he called the “Saudi blockade.”/Sawt Alyemen.
  3. The UAE is consolidating its control on Socotra by importing new arms shipments to the Yemeni archipelago./ Yemen News Agency (YNA).
  4. Female activist and survivor of Houthi jails Samirah al-Houthi: The terrorist Houthi group cannot act independently from [the supreme leader of Iran] Khamenei and have no choice to decide to accept peace.”/Almashehad Alyemeni.
  6. Houthi sniper shooting and cannon shelling has killed and injured more than 20 civilians in five days time in the province of Taiz, Lahj, Aljawf and Hodeidah./Khabar News Agency.
  7. Three Houthi senior militants were killed in Taiz on Monday in an internal dispute in the aftermath of the militia’s losses to the army/Several websites.
  8. If we take the past as a precedent, Houthis will use the Saudi ceasefire initiative to prepare themselves and attack [Yemen and Saudi Arabia] again./Yemen Media
  10. The Yemeni Defense Minister’s advisor Abu Hatem has demanded he government to provide the army with arms and quality weapons./Post 24.


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