Khasroof renews demands for equipping Yemen’s army with heavy weapons

Khasroof renews demands for equipping Yemen’s army with heavy weapons

The retired Yemeni army general Mohsen Khasroof has renewed his call for equipping the Yemeni army with heavy weapons to face the modernly armed Houthi militia.

Khasroof, who in July 2019 was sacked from the position as the chief of the Yemeni army’s Morale Guidance Department for criticizing the lack of armament, renewed - in an interview with Yemen Shabab TV channel on Monday-  his old but familiar criticism of the Coalition’s policy against the armament of the Yemeni army. He said “Our major problem is that the Arab Coalition does not afford any heavy weapons to the army.”

The Coalitions’ help with airstrikes, Khasroof said, “prevents the army’s defeat only, but does not gain victory” over the Houthis.

He said the Yemeni “government has been crippled from using the country’s sources of national income such seaports, airports, the gas and oil projects, etc” but still criticized its silence and submission.

He said, “Our brothers in the Arab Coalition are supposed to treat Yemen as a sisterly and neighboring country that defends itsef, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states and guarantees the Arab world’s security.”

He said, “They are supposed to give us cannons, armored vehicles, thermal missiles and all heavy weapons at our own expense.”

He told the interviewer: “Imagine the legitimate Yemeni state does not have any missiles, while Houthi militants have thermal rockets, ballistic missiles, drones and everything. How come?

What is the justification for the sisterly Saudi Arabia to keep the Yemeni army without access to weapons equivalent to the Houthis?”

He said China, Turkey and Ukraine are ready to sell Yemen heavy weapons in credit, but first “President Abd-Rabbu M. Hadi has to restore the sovereign government on the Yemeni ground.”

Blame all those who lobby against military solution and want us to keep pursuing peace with Houthis with no time limit.

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