Observers accuse UN Hodeidah mission of bias in Houthis’ favor

Observers accuse UN Hodeidah mission of bias in Houthis’ favor


Yemeni observers have accused the UN Hodeidah mission of bias with Houthis after it said an Arab Coalition airstrike hit grains port of Al-Salif.

Three observers including Abdusalam Almaamari, a Taiz-based lawyer, said the Houthi militia use the seaports as military sites “and they use the whole port city of Hodeidah to launch ballistic missiles.”

He said, “The UN mission tends to issue statements to the liking of Houthis and therefore this mission has to move to a neutral place away from the Shia extremists’ influence, as the government repeatedly demands.”

Najib Alshadhili, a political analyst, said “Houthis not only embed their weapons in civilian properties, but they also lay military dummies to deceive the Arab Coalition strikes into striking them and earn itself condemnations. We remember the false missile story of Hajjah some days ago.”

He said the Salif strike hit “a military site in the port.” He said the UN mission’s attention has been biased, or “in the off mode” regarding the repeated Houthi bombardments of Ikhwan Thabet food factory dozens times, “but now that Houthis claimed a Coalition strike on a grains port, the UN’s attention is on.”

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