Press Summary: Elderly Naser can’t return home because of Houthi landmines

Press Summary: Elderly Naser can’t return home because of Houthi landmines




  1. The 80 year old Naser Ahmed Omayran has failed to returned from displacement camp back to his village Azzab which is under Houthi control and the road to it is contaminated with Houthi landmines. He is only one of dozens of elderly and ill people from the village/Yemen Voice website.

  1. Houthis killed and injured 49 civilians in Yemen’s western coastline in the first two months of 2021/Almotamar Press.
  2. Yemen’s Human Rights Ministry says the Houthi militia are not interested in any de-escalation or peace./Almotamar Press.
  3. Arab Coalition airstrikes hit an arms depot in Military Maintenance camp in Sana’a last night. Explosions were heard./Multiple websites.
  4. The Arab Coalition has announced it had targeted workshops for assembly of ballistic missiles and arming drones in Sana’a./Mareb Press.
  5. The Transports Minister [a UAE loyalist] revokes a decision taken by Taiz governor to appoint a new director general for Mokha Seaport./Multiple websites.
  6. The UN Special Envoy Griffiths discussed with Marib’s governor the Houthi attack on Marib and the impact of it on IDPs./Almotamar Press.

  7. The Houthi spokesman has boasted that his militia has conducted 54 thousand acts of sniper shooting. May the souls of the victims, women, children and journalists, rest in peace./Taiz Hot News.

  8. Taiz army: Breaking the Houthi siege around the city is the main goal of our recent military offensive./Yemen TV channel.
  9. Yemeni observers say the UN mission’s quick visit to inspect Alsalif Seaport where Houthis claimed an Arab airstrike early Monday reveals a UN collusion with Houthis. The observers say the Houthis use the seaports for military activities. They said Houthis have shelled Ikhwan Thabet dairy products factory in the city center of Hodeidah more than 116 times in the past, but the UN mission did not visit or survey the damage there./Bawabati


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