Press Summary: The army has liberated vast swaths of land west of Taiz

Press Summary: The army has liberated vast swaths of land west of Taiz


  1. The army has liberated vast swaths of land from the Houthi militia’s control in west of Taiz/Aden Alghad website.
  2. Minister of Civil Service Abdulnaser al-Wali has survived an assassination attempt by a bomb in Aden today./Khabar for News
  3. Two soldiers and two civilians were injured while shooting fire at a Houthi drone flying over Mualla Seaport in Aden. The injury was caused by the bullets on their descent./Aden Alghad.

  4. The army has liberated Alkassarah checkpoint (in Marib) from Houthis, progressed toward Haylan intersection and opened new fronts in Sana’a countryside./Anbaa Aden wesbite

  5. An official source has said that the government had not left for Riyadh, and that it is staying in Aden to carry out its business./Anbaa Aden.

  6. The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms, an NGO, said Houthis killed and injured 20 civilians including women and children in one day, Tuesday 2021-03-16. The casualties including nine people hit by a ballistic missile the Houthi militia fired on a market in Marib./Multiple websites.

  7. The Houthi militia are imposing financial extortions against the traders of Yareem./The Arab Network for News.

  8. Three Houthi drones have been downed in Aden while flying in the airspace above sensitive areas of the city./Almashehad Alkhleeji


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