Sana’a oil black market explodes into flames, no casualties

Sana’a oil black market explodes into flames, no casualties

The Houthi-controlled city of Sana’a saw a massive fire incident today and plumes of smoke hang over the sky in an incident in a black market of oil products, local sources said, but no casualties were reported.

A source said the incident “took place in the zone of Shuemilah in downtown Sana’a” where black markets for oil are rife despite the militia’s claims of claims of a fuel crisis in the city.

“The market which burnt belongs to a Houthi warlord,” said the source.

Yemeni observers say the Houthi militia divert fuel in their areas of control to the black market for enrichment reasons and keep complaining of a fuel crisis for drawing international sympathy against what they call as the Arab Coalition’s “blockade”, getting Iranian fuel grants, enrichment and securing enough fuel for the militia’s permanent wars against the government-held cities.

The abundance of fuel displayed in an unsafe way in the markets has caused many fire incidents in Sana’a, Ibb and other Houthi-held territories incurring casualties.


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