The African migrants’ message to Yemenis: Learn dignity from us

The African migrants’ message to Yemenis: Learn dignity from us



By Kamel Alkhowdhani

The African migrants have refused to join [Abdlmalik Al] Houthi’s warfronts despite his offers and despite themselves being illegal migrants vulnerable to his threats.

They have refused to pay him money or give in to his stipulations.

They went into hunger strike, resisted his assaults and preferred death.

Today hundreds of Africans in Sana’a have taken to the streets in front of the UNHCR to condemn the Houthi crime and demand information on the whereabouts of their brethren in his jails and demand investigation into his massacre and how many he killed of them.

They [the Africans] didn’t care about him or his gunmen.

On the other hand, one Houthi supervisor - usually a thief or former marauding gangster –gets a whole Yemeni tribe to go to the warfronts like a cattle, coerced and submissive. Neither them nor their [tribal] chieftains dare to object or say a word of protest.

The Houthi also detains thousands of Yemenis, men and women, in his jails, burns them, bombs their hoses, violates their dignity, confiscates their rights and salaries, and treats them like salves. Yet no one of these [Yemenis] dared to take to the street to protest. No one dares even to breath freely, not just complain.

Dignity, honor and manliness know no color, no nationality, and no level of poverty or richness.

*The above is a translation of Kamel Alkhowdhani’s Op-ed published by Almashehad Aldowali website in Arabic.

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