Without the Arab Coalition’s help, battle would have been different, says Yemeni governor

Without the Arab Coalition’s help, battle would have been different, says Yemeni governor


The governor of Marib, one of the Yemeni government’s last two strongholds in the country’s north, said the Arab Coalition’s strikes backing the army to repel a fierce Houthi attack have “made a difference” and without that aerial assistance. the battle’s results  “would have been different.”  

In a virtual press conference, Sultan al-Eradah said the Houthis have recently launched a renewed “three-pronged” offensive on the eastern province but “the government forces backed by tribal forces … and the Arab Coalition[‘s strikes] are keeping these fierce attacks at bay.”


Al-Eradah said the government forces are “no match to the Houthis in terms of equipment and overall military hardware.”

He said, “The Houthis [during the 2014 coup] seized the state’s military resources … and in addition they keep receiving regional support from backers, on top of which is Iran.” 

He said the Coalition has no Patriot systems left to defend Marib from Houthi ballistic missiles, but “without the [Coalition’s] warplanes, things would have been different probably” in reference to the results of the recent battles.

“The Houthis are therefore constantly campaigning to get the [Arab] warplanes stopped, by any means such as by lobbying for any local and international pressures.”

An international conspiracy has allowed the Shiit terrorists to retain Saleh-era military arsenal including the counterterrorism equipment intact in their possession to use them along with newly smuggled arms to squash the oppositionist Yemenis, while the country’s legitimate army faced an undeclared ban from importing weapons

In the past years, the UN officials and western media outlets and think-tanks have undertaken smearing the Coalition’s strikes lobbying vehemently to get this aerial help stopped, so that the government forces lose their last strength point and the Shia terrorists win.






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