Are they really interested in empowering women?

Are they really interested in empowering women?


By Asaad Husam

Contributing opinion writer

The British ambassador to Yemen in his tweets and the UN Special Envoy for Yemen in his facebook posts have recently highlighted the importance of engaging women in the political process to end the conflict.

“Evidence shows that peace agreements are 64% less likely to fail when women are at the negotiating table,” tweeted Michael Aron.

“Today and everyday, we call on the parties to the conflict in #Yemen to ensure women’s meaningful participation in the political process & representation by at least 30%,” the “Office of the Special Envoy” wrote on Facebook drawing like and laugh reactions and mostly critical comments.

 When these international “peace sponsoring” officials say Yemenis need to “engage women” or when the overall western writes come to say “women may hold the key to” ending the conflict, they all assume that we, the Yemeni people, have a fish’s memory span.

The 203-2014 National Dialogue Conference was a historical landmark in opening the doors for women to participate in life and in creating durable peace in Yemen.

But the UN, the peace sponsoring countries and the international community’s hypocrites let down the Yemeni women as Houthis ruined their political future, not only by marginalizing them, but also by killing, maiming, arresting, displacing, impoverishing and otherwise abusing them. As all other constituencies of the Yemeni society.  

They have failed to enforce the UN resolutions, because Houthis are the spoilers of Yemen’s transition.

If they are really interested in the advancement of women’s interests, why didn’t they work to get the Houthi terrorist war stopped and get their sabotage of the Yemeni women’s first and biggest historical opportunity to empowerment penalized?  

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