PM makes rare call for military operation to break Taiz siege

PM makes rare call for military operation to break Taiz siege

By Sarah Hassan

Yemen’s Prime Minister has made a rare call to the armed forces in Taiz to continue a military operation that started two days ago to break the Houthi strangling six year siege around Taiz city.

Maeen Abdulmalik who, under foreign pressures, distances himself from the ongoing war has stressed in a phone call with Taiz governor on the importance of breaking the Taiz siege and completing the liberation of the governorate, according to state-run media.

The army in Taiz started an operation days ago to regain sites from the internationally pampered Shiit version of ISIS, though with no financial or technical support from the government.

Yemen is facing an unrelenting international conspiracy that seeks to enable a Shiit theocratic sectarian militia - who don’t believe in power sharing or equal citizenship - to defeat and massacre its majority Sunni population.  

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