The UN knows these intuitive steps could save Yemen but ignores them

The UN knows these intuitive steps could save Yemen but ignores them



By Sarah Hassan

Contributing Opinion Writer

Here is what the UN can do to Yemen if it is seriously willing to help Yemen in the face of famine threat.

  1. Force an end to the endless Houthi wars instead of supporting the militia.
  2. Force the militia’s to quit their theocratic ambitions and military expansion or uproot the militia militarily, without the “there is no military solution to the conflict in Yemen ” malicious excuse which – assuming we are kids - wants to convince us that Houthis are militarily undefeatable!

 - Secure the full and real return of the Yemeni government in in all its staff, tools, military forces and authority to Aden to handle the country’s overall economic problems.

- Enable the government to regain control over the country’s occupied seaports.

- Ensure that the country's biggest industrial project, a natural gas liquefaction plant, in Balhaf, Shabwa, be de-militarized by the occupying UAE forces and allowed to operate again. The multi-million dollar revenues from this project alone can prop up the state to function and resume paying the long unpaid public salaries again

- The looted money during Saleh's era, estimated at USD 60 billion, is now in foreign banks across the word. The UN can help restitute these looted funds back to the Yemeni people and they will eventually wipe out the humanitarian crisis altogether and perhaps turn Yemen to a relatively rich country. 

- Yemen has about 2000 km long coastline on one of the most active and strategic shipping lanes in the world. Of all the Yemeni seaports, Aden seaport alone, if operated, may bring to the Yemeni people 75 billion USD in revenues a year. The UAE's separatist militias are closing the seaport for years. 

Of course, the UN knows this is what it intuitively should do or among the most important of what it should do if it wants to help. But it ignores them and wants everything in Yemen to be put on hold and all efforts and time to be focused on chasing an elusive political process and an unobtainable peace with Houthis!

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