Houthi militants not holding together well thanks to rifts, military analysts

Houthi militants not holding together well thanks to rifts, military analysts

Yemeni military analysts have said Houthi militants waging a constant war against government-held cities especially Marib are no longer holding well “thanks to rifts within the militia in Sana’a.”

Analyst Nayel Al-Wurafi said, “There was a streak of surrenders by large numbers of Houthi fighters to the government forces in Serwah and other Marib warfronts in the recent confrontations, mostly voluntary surrenders due to widening rifts between the frontline ‘supervisors’ that sometimes evolve to direct infighting.”

Al-Wurafi pointed to the “major rift between Houthi leader Abdulmalik and his rival Mohammed Ali (his cousin) and micro fissures that are everywhere now.”

Ahmed Al-Zabidi, another analyst, said, “Many Saada warlords are refusing anymore soldier recruitments from their villages wanting the militia leaders in Sana’a to find anti-government fighters from other regions.”

He cited a recent “a infighting hand-to-hand and with Jambiyas (daggers) in a meeting of Houthi seniors in Razeh district of Saada last Tuesday.” The dispute “erupted over the refusal of some Houthi figures to recruitments within their district and caused many of those deployed in Marib’s ongoing battle to withdraw in the midst of the battles and exchange fire with their supervisors who tried to return them to the line of fire.”

Al-Zabidi confirmed that many of the Houthis who surrender themselves to the army “did it on purpose after the militia-tribes tensions in Dhamar, Arhab, and Saadah.” “As far as I have learnt, they are not getting along well with one another anymore.” Al-Zabidi said. “To the extent that it has fortunately started to weaken the terrorist militia.”





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