To defend ourselves we need to prepare for literally endless war

To defend  ourselves we need to prepare for literally endless war

By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

Yemenis defending themselves against Houthis need to know that the terror group will keep fighting literally endlessly. They will only stop if they achieve a full victory or earn themselves a full defeat.  

As long as they control one village or any toehold of territory, they will be waging a war to expand.

The highly aware Yemeni observers, myself included, know about this, not just from the militia’s usual vow to fight “until the Day of Judgment,” the recent bragging that they control a “30 million-strong population” and other allusions and clues. But we can also understand this Houthi forever-war inclination from our overall knowledge about the militia.

They have waged dozens of offensives deploying thousands of fighters each time trying to overrun Marib, and the latest attempt – that started on February 6-  was the fiercest and biggest in the series of bloodbaths. 

Yemenis felt the danger and support to Marib came from all governorates until the invasion was stymied. More than 1400 militants have reportedly been killed and 6,000 others were injured along Marib’s frontlines. But by the maximalist Shiah militants’ own lights, those are not losses.

They have a population of “30 million people” under their control as militant Mohammed al-Bukhaiti once said.

Now they will go to lick their wounds and come back soon with new thousands of militants to launch a bloodier offensive, and will keep repeating the attempts again and again and again forever.

The UN will be standing by in the mood of open-ended patience. To give its beloved Houthi militia a chance to win, however, long it takes.

We, Yemenis, understand the UN’s role and intentions in our country better.

Faced with this monstrous war and dirty international conspiracy to wipe the Yemeni dream out, we are not going to roll over in any way. We have to prepare ourselves for an entrenched warfare that ends either in Yemen’s victory or our martyrdom in dignity.


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