Yemen extremists escalate Marib war despite UNSC’s fresh ceasefire call

Yemen extremists escalate Marib war despite UNSC’s fresh ceasefire call

The Shiit extremist militia of Houthis have stepped up their ongoing offensive on the government-held Marib province despite a fresh Security Council’s call, in a resolution, “for de-escalation across Yemen and a nationwide cease-fire.”

The armed forces killed and injured 17 militants and destroyed four military vehicles as it repelled a fierce attack in Mehzam Mas and Almakhdarah fronts northwest of Marib early Friday, field sources said, a day after the Security Council adopted its resolution.

The militants also launched “a fierce assault on Alkassarah front north of Marib,” one military source said.

They launched attack on the western front killing eight members of Al-Abeedi clan this morning. They have also fired two ballistic missiles on the city. The militia which has been launching non-stopping offensives to invade Marib since the beginning of the war in 2015 intensified its bloody attempts from the beginning of 2020. In the latest offensive that began in on 6 February, 2021, seven thousand attackers have been neutralized by the army and hundreds were killed and injured in the army’ s side and civilians were badly affected.  

Yemeni critics say UN’s informal pressures – like rhetorical warnings - against the army’s legitimate advances are effective and result in the Houthi retention of control over cities, while the world body’s more formal resolutions that call for ending the Houthi coup and savage military campaigns usually bear no fruit.  

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