Yemen: Calls rise to resume army payment

Yemen: Calls rise to resume army payment


Deputy Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament has called upon the Yemeni government to resume paying the salaries of the army members which have been mysteriously suspended for eight months now.

In a tweet, Eng. Mohsen Basuraah said, “Back payment for the armed forces members who are performing heroically in the battlefield [against Houthi militants] is a top duty.”

“The real way of boasting their championships is to pay them their dues, not to withhold them,” he said.

Earlier this month, the spokesman of the Yemeni army had made a similar call. Government officials and Yemeni activists constantly call for resuming the payment of the army members, saying the mysterious suspension of it months ago is one of many signs of an international conspiracy against Yemen as it struggles against the expansion of Iran’s theocratic terrorist organization of Houthis.  

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