Portrait of child Houthi soldier killed in Marib offensive goes viral

Portrait of child Houthi soldier killed in Marib offensive goes viral









It is the norm that children kill and die on a continuous basis in the Yemeni war being the mainstay of the Houthi armed militias waging intermittent insurgencies since 2004.

But on occasions, their pictures, posthumous awards Houthis print and hang everywhere to recognize them as “heros”, are very catchy and give Yemeni media platforms a pause.



The picture of the young “martyr and hero” Fuad Mohammed Saleh Alfarid is on Yemen Voice website and many social media users.

The portrait does not tell Alfarid’s age, but it suggests he is really young.

The caption reads: The “martyr, the hero 2nd Lt. Fuad Mohammed Saleh Alfarid, one of the officers of Alsahoom Battalion … from Sana’a govnoerate, Bani Bahlool district ..”

Local news sources say Alfarid died in the terrorist Houthi militia’s ongoing offensive on Marib.

Although the Houthis are a militia consisting largely of children, western mass media ignore the issue, and reference works like Wikipedia claim that children in Yemen are recruited to “fight against Houthis”, in a reversal of the truth.

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