Houthis kill Houthis savagely in a serious turn in rift

Houthis kill Houthis savagely in a serious turn in rift

Physical eliminations amongst the theocratic militia of Houthis have recently taken a serious turn this week, according to several sources.  

Local sources in Sana’a told Okaz daily that supporters of Hizam Abu Nashtan, a Houthi warlord from Arhab tribe in Sana’a, have closed the Sana’a airport road and deployed gunmen after other Houthi militants stormed Nashtan’s house and killed him with his most of his family members ( three sons and a sister) and seriously injured his wife.

The tensions are threatening to turn into a serious confrontation.

In Marib, 120 kms to the east of Sana’a, where the UN-backed militia sought to overrun the government-held province militarily over the past two weeks, the militiamen are reportedly physically eliminating dozens of their comrades who have sustained wounds during the clashes with the army. When the battles are raging, the extremist militia occasionally eliminate their wounded militants to spare themselves the burden of freeing up time for hospitalizations.  

Such physical eliminations by shooting from the back forced a whole Houthi battalion to surrender themselves to the army in Serwah front this week.



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