Yemeni official: Massive campaign prepared to liberate al-Khokhah district

Yemeni official: Massive campaign prepared to liberate al-Khokhah district

Chief of the Moral Guidance Mohsin Khasroof has affirmed that the National Army and the Popular Resistance backed by the Arab Coalition is preparing to conduct a massive campaign to liberate the coastal town of al-Khokhah, expecting to be liberated during the next two days. 

He told Okaz newspaper that the militias are in a state of collapse in all fronts of western coasts, stressing that the liberation of the Yemen coasts will pose a painful blow to the putschists in Yemen. 

Meanwhile, Yemen's National Army managed on Sunday to liberate the area of al-Zahari in the north of Mocha.

Violent clashes are currently ongoing in the area of Mawshaj of al-Hudeidah governorate. 

Militias of the Houthis and Saleh received painful blows in the western coast of Yemen and hundreds of their fighters were killed, wounded and captured.

A Yemeni military commander has said that the battle for restoring the governorate of al-Hudeidah started.

Brig. Gen. Nassar al-Maqdashi affirmed that militias of the Houthis and Saleh rally their fighters in the town of al-Khokha which is located between the governorates of Taiz and al-Hudeidah.

The National Army is currently fighting to restore Khalid Camp which is close to the area of Mocha ,and it is about to take over it.

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