Keep an eye on the Security Council’s coming statement

Keep an eye on the Security Council’s coming statement


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

The UN is behind this massive war on Marib, the city which hosts 60% of all Yemen’s war escapees. Because it has emboldened this Shiit ISIS by getting them removed from the US terror list.

Obviously, the Houthis are attacking and the army in Marib is defending. 

A question that imposes itself is: Will the UN Security Council in today’s session issue a stern message demanding Houthi withdrawal or a call to “both parties” to cease fire?!

If the Council demands “ceasefire” from “both parties”, then that is a sign that the well-intentioned Council has placed its trust in the Houthi fighters (well-intentioned too) to cease fire and stay where they have reached, in Marib’s borders.

So that they (Houthis) take rest for a week or two and then change to peace makers!  

I think the Security Council’s statement will more likely call for “ceasefire” from “both parties”, than give an ultimatum to Houthis to end the never-ending wars and implement the long-violated resolution no. 2216.

Because this council and the whole UN have a history of good intentions towards Yemen. Very very good intentions!  

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