UN smuggles Houthi leaders from and back to Sana’a

UN smuggles Houthi leaders from and back to Sana’a

Alsahwa Net- A Yemeni news website it has learnt from a well-informed source that the UN and its organizations in Sana’a are involved in smuggling Houthi leaders (banned from travel) from Sana’a to outside Yemen and back to the city.  

In a report dated 2021-02-17, Almasadr Online’s source cited the smuggling of “Hashem Ismael the militia’s self-styled ‘governor of the Central Bank of Yemen’ from one of the Arabia Gulf capital cities to Jordan to arrange his travel back to Sana’a along with the Houthi negotiation team on prisoner exchange …”

More excerpts from Almasadr Online’s report:

“The UN had smuggled Ismael on one of its planes that transported the Houthi delegation going for the latest Switzerland talks with the government. Ismael did not attend any negotiations in Switzerland and did not return with the delegation back to Sana’a at the time. He had another task to do as it appears. He travel to Iran and came back to the Gulf capital … from where he is expected to be transported to the Jordanian capital with UN arrangement and then back to Sana’a.”

“This coincides with the UN arrangement to return another Houthi leader called Abu Shihad whom the UN had brought out of Yemen under the pretext of transporting him for medical treatment.”

“This is not the first time [the UN gets involved in smuggling Houthis]. It previously also smuggled Abdullah Ali Sabri amongst te Switzerland negotiations team and from there Sabri went to Syria to serve as a self-styled Yemen ambassador.”

“Our source confirmed that the UN smuggled dozens of Houthi leaders, and Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian experts as well as Lebanese Lebanese militiamen …with fake Yemen IDs”

The source said that some Houthi military commanders boast that “our men” in the UN organizations are working not only in smuggling experts but also equipment that serve their military battles against the government as well as medical equipment…all onboard UN flights.”


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