In four days, 700 Houthis killed in suicidal push on Marib

In four days, 700 Houthis killed in suicidal push on Marib اسير حوثي

As many as 700 Houthi militants were killed in just four days in the ongoing suicidal push by Yemen’s theocratic militia on the government-held province of Marib.

The spokesman of the Arab Coalition Col. Turki al-Maliki said on Monday that “700 fighters in the putchists’ ranks have been killed in four days of attacks they waged against Marib.”

The UN-backed militia has been following the strategy of ever-recurring  military attempts against Marib since the beginning of the six year Yemeni war, but the intensity of the attacks picked up a special momentum as of early 2020. 

As for the tactic, Houthis keep overwhelming the army’s defense positions with consecutive rows of armed militants, each row consisting of at least hundreds of militants who hurl themselves in a suicidal way.

The rows ensure extended fighting spans so as to wear out the army. Reports say the militia are using 15 rows, mostly consisting of radicalized children.    

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