Yemen demands int’l community to stop Houthi recruitment of child soldiers

Yemen demands int’l community to stop Houthi recruitment of child soldiers


Alsahwa Net- Yemen, government and independent activists, have called upon the international community against the Houthi recruitment of children to the warfronts in the six year war against the government.

Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani has called on the international community to “pressure the Houthi militia to stop recruiting child soldiers” and to guarantee children in Houthi-stricken Yemen the right of life like their peers in the rest of the world.


In a statement to the state news agency Saba, al-Eryani said, “On the occasion of the International Day against Use of Child Soldiers, we remember thousands of children whom the Houthi militia hijacked from their homes and schools, radicalized them with terrorist ideologies and cast them into the hell of war, in the most massive recruitment of child soldiers in the history’s conflicts.”

Yemeni social media activists also launched a campaign on the occasion which the world commemorated on Friday (Feb. 12) calling on the international community to do something against the non-stopping Houthi conscription of minors to the battlefield as government sources say the Houthis have since the beginning of the war recruited “30 thousand child soldiers,” according to governmental sources.

When addressing the issue, the UN tries to equate the government with the Houthis in abuse, as in all other human rights abuses.


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