The global conspiracy against Yemen is real

The global conspiracy against Yemen is real


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

Everything proves the global conspiracy against Yemen is real.

I often say there are myriad aspects of the conspiracy and one of them is the massive distortion of facts in what serves Houthis, Yemen’s wreckers.

The truths relating to the Yemeni conflict have been misrepresented not only in news platforms but on online debate forums and main online global references

What is in Yemen established as an indisputable fact – that Houthis are responsible for the plight of Yemeni children in part because Houthis have an army of radicalized children –has been distorted 180 degrees from the truth on the worldwide web: In the UN reports, news sources and even global reference works.  

For example, if you consult google on the topic of child soldier recruitment, you will find the Wikipedia’s relevant article right in front of your face, citing Yemen as a case.  But the article claims that children are recruited to “fight against Houthis”!!

The article does not even equate the government with Houthis in the malpractice, albeit it would be completely false and unfair. It rather tells the exact opposite of the truth!

By years of tireless work, the western media have ameliorated the image of Houthis, lessening the magnitude of the theocratic movement’s crimes and covering up on its theocratic goals.  

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