As Houthis are happy, Griffiths and western media are happy too

As Houthis are happy, Griffiths and western media are happy too


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

As the US retreated from the terror designation of Houthis upon the UN and humanitarian agencies’ argument that the designation will exacerbate the humanitarian crises, the US backdown decision is already being proven wrong.

No sooner had the Shiit Daesh received the news they will be removed from the blacklist, than they launched a fresh fierce war against Marib and resumed familiar illicit profiteering practices, unleashing a new severe food and fuel crisis in their held territories according to coming reports.

The ongoing war in Marib is so fierce and reports say at least 200 hundred people have been killed over the past week just in the right side of Nehm, one of multiple fronts. The casualties that fall during each single one of these recurring massive push attempts by the Houthis outnumber the casualties from months of Coalition strikes. Ground fighting is what constitutes most of the hostilities and where the meter of lost lives runs the fastest.

 The UN and western media which use the crises and violence as a pretext to base their permanent defense of the beloved militia on are indifferent now. To them, the headache (the Houthi terror designation) is gone. And that is what matters.

They are keeping quiet now and are willing to keep watching silently for months or years while Houthis repeat their bloody massive campaigns to overrun government cities. On the hope that Houthis will bring them the good news: victory.

I swear that Griffiths is waiting silently and, perhaps, praying for the Houthi victory materialize. So that he can smile like a Cheshire cat.

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