PM meets receives US Ambassador to Yemen

PM meets receives US Ambassador to Yemen

Prime Minister Ahmed Obaid Bin Dhaghar on Wednesday received the US Ambassador to Yemen Mathew Tueller.

During the meeting, Bin Dhaghar affirmed that militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh violated the truce and prevented the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the besieged cities including Taiz.

He pointed out that the militias are not serious about achieving peace and refuse the application of the UN resolutions.

He stressed that any solutions in Yemen must put an end to the Houthi coup, and depend on the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference, the GCC-brokered initiative and the UN resolutions on Yemen.

The US Ambassador to Yemen Mathew Tueller affirmed that the US will continue supporting the Yemeni government, insisting that the US administration is keen to return to the political track and resume peace talks between the Yemeni parties.

He also affirmed that the international is worried about humanitarian suffers in Yemen, and that the war must be ended through all means

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