Yemenis celebrate Revolution Day despite challenges

Yemenis celebrate Revolution Day despite challenges







Yemenis celebrated the 10th anniversary of the pro-democracy Revolution Day, February 11, despite numerous challenges and the switch of international actors including the UN to supporting Houthis, a Shiit theocratic terrorist group.

Young men and women in hundreds crowded Al-Qahira historical castle, on the top of a mountain in downtown the six-year-long besieged city of Taiz on the eve of the anniversary, watched the Revolution Torch lighting ceremony, and chanted the Revolution’s slogan: “The People Want to Topple the Regime.”

Yemenis revolted in 2011 against three-decade dictator Ali Saleh after sensing moves he would bequeath power to his son.   

The Taiz protesters organized a massive march on the anniversary day, this Thursday morning, with slogans and banners renewing pledge to pursue the goals of the revolution, mainly the establishment of a federal democratic state. 

Social media users across Yemen added festive frames to their facebook profile pictures. 


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