International media helped Houthi terrorists a lot: What is next?

International media helped Houthi terrorists a lot: What is next?



By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

The tireless work by international media platforms and pundits as a propaganda machine for the Houthis over the past six years has achieved a lot for Houthis: Whitewashed their guilt in triggering the Yemeni war; shifted international focus away from their maximalist theocratic and bloody nature; campaigned against the Arab Coalition using the Houthi prism, instead of criticizing the operations’ ambiguity and ineffectuality;  and lobbied for eradicating the terror designation of the movement under humanitarian pretexts despite the militia’s responsibility for the humanitarian tragedy of Yemen.

Having achieved all that for Houthis. What is the next step these propaganda arms and ideologues will take?

To call for an international pressure to reign in the endless and pyrrhic Houthi push attempts into the government-held cities which shelter millions of refugees?   

No. Their next step apparently is to lobby for lifting what they call the “blockade” on the land, air and sea ports, which are under Houthis’ control . So that the Shiit sectarian militia can import arms on a large scale and exterminate the remaining oppositionist civilians in Yemen.

Read here what Aljazeera, a pro-Iran platform, and the Brooking Institution’s “expert” Bruce Riedel say !

The international media platforms and journalists, most often the western - have been playing a large role in the conspiracy against Yemen.


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