Iran-backed Houthi militants resume offensive attacks on Marib

Iran-backed Houthi militants resume offensive attacks on Marib

Alsahwa Net- Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis have resumed fierce offensives on the government-held city and IDPs safe haven of Marib, emboldened by the US reversal of their terror designation upon UN’s appeals.

The theocratic militants supplied more fighters and renewed fierce attacks on Marib’s western Sorwah district, southern Murad front, and other fronts in other directions on Sunday and scores of people were killed on both sides so far including 20 Houthi militants on Tuesday alone, according to various sources,.”  

The militants also fired drone attacks and ballistic missiles on Marib killing and injuring 16 people including six civilians by a ballistic missile on Sunday morning.

They have not stopped their expansion attempts on government-held territories and the attacks on Marib, where most the hostilities in Yemen take place, picked up momentum in the last two years.

The ever recurring attempts saw a significant pause from the end of Trump’s era when Houthis were designated terrorists until the week-end when the news spread that the US had decided revoke the designation.

The Iran-aligned militants have the UN exercising influence on their side since the beginning of the war, lastly by weighing on the US to eradicate their terror designation ostensibly to prevent humanitarian conditions from exacerbating in Yemen.

The UN sabotaging of the US designation under humanitarian “concerns” was met with massive ridicule and condemnations in Yemen given the Houthi well-known responsibility for triggering the war and apparent willingness to fight an open ended war to realize a “full victory.”


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