Yemen: satire and anger as US bends over backwards towards Houthis

Yemen: satire and anger as US bends over backwards towards Houthis

The US quick turn to appease Houthis by stopping arms sales and announcing the intent to remove them from the terror list even though they were put on the list only in the last day of Trump has engendered biting satire and fury on a large scale in Yemen.

The indirect criticism came from Prime Minister Abdulmalik who told an EU delegation:  

Yemeni MP Abdurahman Muazi’b said in a satirical Facebook Post. “Without a real pressure on the main sponsor of these militias [Iran], there will be no peace and the targeted attacks on Yemenis, the country’s regions and the international shipping lanes will remain.”

“The US is expected to withdraw 5000 soldiers from Nehm front, 10,000 from the Western Coast front, and a similar number from the front of Saadah and Taiz. Withdraw your damned support. This is our battle and the battle of the Arabs against the Persians.”

Yemen’s ambassador to the UNESCO Mohammed Juemeih said in a tweet: “Houthis are a terrorist organization whether Washington designates them as so or doesn’t… Confronting this scheme (the Houthis) remains the responsibility of the Yemenis, not the others.”   

Deputy Information Minister Najib Ghallab tweeted: “Any move by the Biden administration to vacate the Houthi terror designation is a clear message that the US is against Yemen in favor of a racist group.”

Ahmed Saeed, a facebook activist: “Many people knew the US would remove Houthis from the list. The US has no intent to fall out with Iran over Yemen. Trump’s decision to designate Houthis in his last day was questionable.”

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