Biden’s policy shift adopts western media’s view

Biden’s policy shift adopts western media’s view


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

For the past years the war has been perpetuated by the incessant Houthi attempts to press forward on government-held territories not by the airstrikes. The airstrikes were for some reasons more engendering media backlash than rolling back Houthi expansion.  

To this moment, Houthi offensives are still what constitute most of the ongoing hostilities.

The army which – by the virtue of an international conspiracy – has been denied weapons and even salaries, kept retreating or, at best, held grounds.

This is not an opinion. These are facts.

The international media outlets dedicated themselves to hiding these facts. The western media led and the rest followed.

Yemen’s war story has been distorted in what serves the Iranian and Houthi agenda. The international conspiracy has been so consistent and firm to the side of Iran, against the Yemeni nation.


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