Yemen says UN, int’l community adopt ‘appeasement policy’ toward Houthis

Yemen says UN, int’l community adopt ‘appeasement policy’ toward Houthis

Alsahwa Net- Yemen’s Information Minister said the UN and international community adopt “an appeasement policy” toward Houthis despite the militia’s holding of a dangerously decaying oil tanker hostage without allowing any repairs to save it and the Red Sea marine life.

In a tweet, Muammar al-Eryani said, “The UN and international community’s adoption of appeasement policy has contributed to the Houthi intransigence and wasting of time.”

The militants hold Safer, abandoned in the sea since 2015 and laden with more than a million barrels of crude, as a hostage despite signs it is going to make an epic environmental catastrophe. The militia promised several times to allow UN engineers access to repair the vessel but backed down each time.   

The Yemeni government repeatedly accuses the UN of being too soft with the Iranian-backed militants who seized power in 2014 and wage a non-stopping war seeking to grasp all Yemen.

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