Press Summary 2021-02-04

Press Summary 2021-02-04


-  Judges are protesting against Houthi corruption in Sana’a and facing a hard time getting detained and abused, multiple websites reported, some saying the long simmering rivalry has evolved to open conflict now.

- Prime Minister Abdulmalik has ordered the government to lift the siege on Taizand complete its liberation./Anbaa Aden website

- A doctor slaughters an infant baby in a Hodeidah hospital, and an organization demands investigation./Bawabati website.

-  An international panel suddenly arrives to investigate the December 30 Aden airport attack/Marib Press.

- Houthis arrest 50 teachers and employees belonging to the Sana’a Education Ministry branch office accusing them of “collaborating” with the government/Bawabati.


- Traders pour fuel tanks on the ground in the entrance areas of Sana’a after Houthis banned them from entry to the city unless they agree to sell the fuel to their own militants instead of directly to the customers./News Line. /News Line

- A survivor of Houthi jails narrates horrific tales of torture including nail removal body burning./Sama website.

- A senior Houthi figure in Amran, Musleh Alwarwari has been killed with his son by the Houthi militia similar to a brother of his who was killed by the militia too a year ago./Multiple websites

- Houthis are installing new spy software to monitor Yemenis on social media platforms./Bawabati

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