Houthis kill a child in one Al-Haymah village

Houthis kill a child in one Al-Haymah village


Houthis killed a new child in an al-Haymah village in central Yemen’s Taiz province on Wednesday morning, news platforms reported, the latest in a new series of horrific abuses since the beginning of January.


Al-Harf 28 website quoted local sources as saying that Saad Abduh Ahmed “was shot by the (Houthi) militants from close by and rendered dead instantly.”

From 2015, Taiz was divided into a government-held provincial capital and militant-controlled rest. Al-Haymah, a number of villages in the Houthi part, has been subjected to recurring aggressions. The latest began in late December as the locals declined to pay religious taxes. By January 6, the militants killed 10 people, injured 31, kidnapped more than 200 including 13 children, stormed 173 houses, blew up five, and imposed their will on the survivors. Crackdowns and killings have not stopped.


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