Houthi militia keeps confiscating fuel for several advantages

Houthi militia keeps confiscating fuel for several advantages

The Houthis are continuing to confiscate fuel to the terrorist militia’s own advantages, reports say.

An anonymous source said the militants are intercepting fuel tank trailers heading from the government-held Marib to the militant-controlled Sana’a are “being intercepted in Al-Darkal area in in Al-Hazm,” the provincial capital of Aljawf province.

A Houthi militant impersonating the “director of Oil Company” in Sana’a acknowledged in a recent statement that his militia  has confiscated 400 trucks of fuel in Aljawf alone.

Ammar al-Adhroee also acknowledged that the cargo is 22 million liters of petrol and diesel.

The government has repeatedly accused the militia of creating a fuel crisis by confiscating fuel to sell it in the militia-run black market and enrich illicitly, finance the militia’s non-stop wars and use the crisis resulting from their actions to draw international pressures to their side.



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