Yemen Press Summary 2021-02-01

Yemen Press Summary 2021-02-01


  1. Despite the government’s return to Adena month ago, the army has still not received the salaries of several months./24 Post

  2. Houthi senior militant kills a trader in Dhamar he refused to pay the fifth, or 20% religious tax./Islah Net

  3. Clashes erupt between Houthis and tribes in Rada’a, the provincial capital of Yemen’s central Beidha./Multiple news sources.

  4. The chief of the UAE’s militia (the STC) announces south Yemen’s independence from Russia./Almashehad Aldowali.

  5. Marib Security forces arrest a Houthi female terrorist cell./Multiple websites

  6. Japan offers food assistance to Yemen/Almotamar Press

  7. Information Minister Al-Eryani: The attack on Aden Airport revealed the ugliness and criminality of the Houthis militia./Almanarah Net.

  8. Yemen records one confirmed and seven suspected cases of covid-19./News Line.

  9. Foreign Minister Bin Mubarak warns of a Houthi danger facing Yemeni children including recruitment to the warfronts./Almahrah Onine

  10. Female Yemenis: The Houthi militia confiscated our livelihoods and their practices exceeded Al-Qaeda’s and Daesh’s in strangling freedoms./Alsahwa Net.

  11. The UN is seeking to convene a donor conference for Yemen in the soonest possible ./Yemen Monitor

  12. GPC party figure Amin Abu Ras quickly deleted a facebook post on Houthi arrangements to assassinate fellow partisan figures in Sana’a./Multiple websites.


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