Joke of the week from Newsweek

Joke of the week from Newsweek


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

In a report a entitled “Biden Administration's Signs of Policy Shift Divides Yemen's Warring Sides” and dated 2021-01-29, Newsweek said:

“Ansar Allah, on the other hand, shares the humanitarian concerns ...” etc.

Ansar Allah (the Houthis) have humanitarian concerns! The western media have an interest in the human element of what goes on in Yemen. The UN, too, has humanitarian concerns for the Yemeni people. That is why it is such a zealot in advocating Houthis and working to keep them safe from the least of harm. Because Houthis’ are the guarantee of the Yemeni people’s wellbeing. The sense of humanity and good-intentioned care are in abundance in our world. Oh yeah!

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