Yemen press summary 2021-01-31

Yemen press summary 2021-01-31


  1. Yemen’s Foreign Minister has warned that any Biden administration’s vacation of the Houthi terror designation may send the wrong signals to Houthis and make them misinterpret it as an escape from the punishment for their terrorist crimes./Watan Alghad.
  2. The casualty toll from a gas station explosion in Beidha has risen to 62./Watan Alghad

  3. International investment in the Houthi militia as a hired gun./Alyemeni Alyowm

  4. Information Minister al-Eryani said the Houthi crimes against women is not limited to banning them from work in the private sector but also confiscating their salaries in the governmental sector./Multiple websites.

  5. Houthis are amassing huge forces to invade parts of Al-Beidha and Beihan of Shabwah.







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