Houthi ban on birth control methods enrages Yemenis

Houthi ban on birth control methods enrages Yemenis


The recent Houthi ban on birth control methods has enraged Yemenis especially activists who dare to refuse due to being outside the areas of control of the Shia extremist militia.

The puritan militia’s self-styled Health Ministry had issued an order to all health facilities within its areas of control to “annual the use of hormonal coils (IUDs)” citing its “contradiction with the religious identity” and its role in “delaying victory.”

Mosque preachers said contraceptive methods are US and Israeli plots to limit the birth rate among Muslims.

Journalist Ghamdan Alyusufi attacked on his twitter account the Houthi ban of the IUDs and the anti-pregnancy bills for unmarried women saying: “Do you know that doctors can prescribe anti-pregnancy bills to unmarried women as a medication for hormonal disturbances?.”

“Houthis want to force Yemenis to endure two hardships: The suspension of salaries and the ban of IUDs, which means more children, expenses and responsibility,” said Rashad Alsoofi on twitter.



Journalist Yusuf Ajlan tweeted, “Even the IUDs ban is imported from Iran. Khamenaei banned IUDs in Iran on January 16th, just 11 days ago. The Houthis are a terrorist group whose ideologies are all taken from Iran.”

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