Opinions: Yemenis condemn UN’s use of humanitarian crisis to protect Houthi “culprits”

Opinions: Yemenis condemn UN’s use of humanitarian crisis to protect Houthi “culprits”

Alsahwa Net –Yemeni columnists on different news platforms are largely dedicating editorials and opinion essays these days for blistering condemnations of the UN. The latest condemnations build on the accusation to the world body using the humanitarian crisis as a human shield to protect the Houthi “culprits” - behind the crisis -from terror designation by the US.

The writers are strongly skeptical of the UN’s intents behind its rejection of the US move in the name of famine-related concerns, since the Houthi militia is the author of this war and the ensuing humanitarian crisis


Here are some excerpts of some of the editorials and opinions on news wesites:


  1. Yemen’s ambassador to the UK Yaseen S. Noaman published an editorial, in Akhbar Alyemen website, under the headline: “Throughout History, No Nation’s Misery has been Employed for the Advantage of its Authors Anywhere on Earth Except in Yemen.

He said: “In the name of the ‘humanitarian situation’ they [the UN] vetoed the restoration of Hodeidah city and now in the name of ‘humanitarian situation’ again they are contesting the terror designation of the Houthis.

The suffering of the Yemenis is employed to conceal the Houthi crimes … In many countries, the ‘humanitarian situation’ was used along with decisive resolutions to end the war and stand strongly counter the war’s causes and causers. But in our country, the humanitarian situation is used to protect just the culprits.”   





  1. Nabil Subay’a, a renowned writer published an editorial on Nashwan News website under the headline “Houthism is far Worse than Terrorism and Nazism.” Excerpts:

“The designation of Houthis as a terrorist organization is a lot of wrong done to Houthis and to terrorism. First, as for the wrong to Houthis, this designation does not give them their due. Houthis are not a mere terrorist organization. They are a racist organization that far exceeds Nazism. This deadly movement needs to be criminalized for both characteristics: terrorism and racism.”  


  1. Under the headline ‘Houthism is a Movement that Thrives in Death and Dies in Life,” Nabil Wahban published an editorial on several websites, saying: If Houthis are not terrorists, then what is a terrorist?”

  2. Dr. Hasnaa Abdulaziz al-Qunay’ir said in an editorial on Almashekhad Alkhaleeji website: As soon as Pompeo announced the designation of Houthis as terrorists, many started to shed tears of sympathy with Houthis, instead of the militants’ victims … despite the US administration’s assurances that it would work with NGOs and the UN to guarantee the delivery of aid.” The editorial blisteringly attacked Griffiths, the rest of the UN humanitarian officials and the EU for their rejection of the US decision.

  3. In an editorial under the headline “The Weapon of Pressure on Humanitarian Grounds,” Yemen’s ambassador to the UNESCO Mohammed Jumay said: “Houthis are terrorists with and without the US designation. Those who oppose the designation don’t dare to say that Houthis are not terrorists. Because they know that Houthis have practiced all forms of terrorism condemned by the international law.”




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