Where are the int'l organizations? women of massacred Taiz villages inquire

Where are the int'l organizations? women of massacred Taiz villages inquire



Alsahwa Net -  Dozens of women and men from the villages of Al Hayma in Yemen's central province of Taiz staged a rally in the government-controlled provincial capital on Wednesday to demand international justice.

Against the backdrop of the mysterious sympathy by many "humanitarian" organizations with the Daesh-like Shiit militia that committed countless acts of terrorism in the country including against their villages early this month, the Haymi women chanted slogans and posed banners of inquiry: Where are the international organizations?

The protesters appealed to all members of the free world who have not yet designated the Houthis as a terrorist organization to follow suit of the United States.

The militia launched a savage military campaign against Al-Haymah villagers after they declined to pay exorbitant religious racist taxes killing, injuring and kidnapping hundreds of civilians. The militants bombed five houses and incinerated three others. The crackdown on fugitive villagers has been going on to now, the protesters said.

The protesters appealed slammed the government for failing to intervene to save them.


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