News websites says Houthi female militant infiltrated int’l organizations

News websites says Houthi female militant infiltrated int’l organizations


Several news websites said a senior Houthi female militant who disguises as a human rights activist has infiltrated international organizations in Sana’a to work together with them in recruiting young people and radicalizing them.

The websites including Newsline said they obtained a leaked Houthi document which indicates that Radhiya al-Mutawakkil the head of Muwatana “Organization for Human Rights” deceived Oxfam into working on a “skills development” program that lured young people from different parts of Yemen in the period January 2017-December 2018 to entrench into their minds the Houthi ideology and seed in their minds anger against the Arab Coalition.

Previously several Yemeni analysts warned that Al-Mutawkkil who has a close relationship with NGO is a secret Houthi agent who uses human rights activism and her organization as a mere tool to advance the Houthi interests. Yemeni observers say there is no independent NGO in Sana’a under the control of Houthis, since the theocratic bigots believe in Taqiya (dissimulation) which allows using any means including human rights activism to pursue their ends.  

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